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Important information from North East Lincolnshire Council

Please read carefully before submitting an event for inclusion in events online and Sports and cultural quarter.

  • Submitting an event for inclusion in the events database does not guarantee that the event information will be published, nor does it mean North East Lincolnshire Council is endorsing the event.
  • The council accepts no liability relating to the event arising out of errors or omissions in the database.
  • North East Lincolnshire Council reserves the right to refuse to promote events without explanation.

Organisers of public events need to be aware that a great deal of planning and organisation is required to run an event successfully, safely and in compliance with a wide range of legislation. Organisers must remember that, at all times, they are responsible for all aspects of the event.

Responsibility can include seeking advice from a relevant authority or agency, risk assessment and the identification of those measures which will maintain the duty of care for both organisers and attendees. For some events substantial resources may be necessary to fulfil traffic regulations, fire safety, medical cover and the maintenance of public orders.

If you are planning an event you should contact the Public Event Planning Group as soon as possible.  Please view the 'Organising a Public Event' web page for further details.  Please note the web page opens in a new window.

Organising a Public Event


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Which category does your event come under? *You may select more than one though do not select all, maybe 2 or 3 categoriesYou may select more than one though do not select all, maybe 2 or 3 categories
Which category does your event come under?
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 The Add button allows you to add more supporting informationThe Add button allows you to add more supporting information
  • Please check that you have completed all the required items before sending the form.
  • After sending the form you will be returned to the events page.
  • If you have entered your email address you will receive an automatic confirmation.

By sending the form you are agreeing to the conditions stated above and that if your event is accepted and subsequently cancelled, you will email to advise on cancellation.

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