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Benefit Fraud Reporting form

Fact: Benefit Fraud
  • Takes money from your pocket
  • Demoralises honest people
  • Gives power to cheats
  • Give reason for public criticism
  • Diverts resources from where they are really needed

You can do something !

Complete this form to report benefit fraud in confidence.

Work through the form by clicking 'NEXT'.

On the final page there is an opportunity for you to upload evidence in the form of documents & photos.

When you have finished, you can click the Review button and and make changes if necessary.

When you choose the Submit button, you will be given a reference number which you should note in case you wish to contact us again.

We have no way of identifying you unless you choose to give us the information on the final page.

We work closely with the Department for Work and Pensions and may disclose the information you provide to them when Social Security benefits are involved.

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